Meet Sarah

Sarah is WW2 Military Spouse. Sarah came to us after she recently lost her spouse. As a caregiver Sarah spend most of her time providing amazing care for her Husband Bob, as most spouses do Sarah put those around her ahead of her own needs. She came to us with a need to rebuild muscle and strength and help heal other wounds not visible. We work with Sarah from a physical therapy lens, engaging in fun activities that make all involved smile while building muscle and strength. Sarah has done amazing things the community throughout her life, and a great day at the barn is when we are able to see our Sarah. She shares her stories and warms our hearts. She shares with us all about her husbands experiences in the Marines, his accomplishments, and her journeys in life. Sarah has become a dear friend of AFEC and one of our minis "Wildfire" considers Sarah her best of friends. Sarah brings a light and smile to all around her and we are humbled to have her as part of our program. 



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