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Armed Forces Equestrian Center


We are a 501c3 Veteran and Military Family Service Organization with a focus on wellness, community, and equine therapy. Our vision is to serve those who have served and their families through cutting edge equine therapy practices, building alliances, and furthering a purpose. We strive to assist in overcoming barriers and challenges that are unique to service members and their families. Our Mission is provide equine assisted therapy for service members, Veterans, Military Spouses and Children. 

We Serve....

  • Veterans and Service Members

    An overwhelming majority of our nations servicemembers  at some point face a significant barrier when acclimating to civilian life. Living a life of service, fundamentally driven to be selfless, can often make it difficult for Veterans to ask for help. Far from broken, Veterans are the strength of our Nation, at AFEC we committed to building a community or strength, comradery, and service to others.

  • Service Spouses and Caregivers

    Military Spouses and caregivers are the strength and support system in the military, with out them there is little foundation for family and support. They put the needs of those around them before their own. Military families face unique challenges and sacrifices everyday that are difficult for most to understand. Military Spouse or a caregiver have weight to bear, they are the force behind our forces. This military lifestyle is a voyage where you live on a whim, where at the drop of a dime life can be flipped on its head!

  • Military Children

    Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes. The resiliency of Military children is unmatched. They are a core built and nurtured from our nations finest. They adapt quickly to changing environments, and where a badge of pride though generations. Children who traveled the world with their parents, moving into adulthood with the knowledge that they have the strength to handle anything. 

Help us in our goal to serve those who have served.

We are looking to raise fund for an adaptive ramp for our facility that can accommodate barriers including those with a physical challenge.

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