Our Work

Our Work 

To say that the Armed Forces Equestrian Center is an equine-assisted therapy program would be selling it short. It would be closer to say the Armed Forces Equestrian Center (AFEC) serves veterans, service members, military spouses and military children — however they need to be served.

Therapy comes in many different forms at AFEC. Located in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh, AFEC offers everything from basic lessons to groundwork-assisted emotional and physical therapy. All the while, AFEC creates a sense of community and purpose for all who participate. - Brittney Grover.

  • Services: 
  • Mounted Riding lessons 
  • Ground work 
  • Horsemanship 
  • Equine Care 
  • Safety and equine basics 
  • Networking 
  • Community Service 
  • Western Riding 
  • English Riding 
  • Events 
  • Travel 
  • Parades 
  • Equine Education



Changing lives, healing minds one horse at a time. 





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